4th of July Weekend Sale

This Weekend: Double Your Dingtone Credits on Dingtone (Up to 300 Credits)

Every Dingtoner wants endless Dingtone credits.

Although it’s impossible to get endless Dingtone credits, it’s quite possible and easy to get huge credits from Dingtone.

Here comes an opportunity this weekend: Fyber to Double your credits this weekend, July 2 to July 5 (GMT).

4th of July Weekend Sale

What is a Fyber Offer?

Fyber is a tool for mobile advertising and App monetization. It provides opportunities to both publishers and customers to gain profit. When it comes to Fyber offers on Dingtone, they can be used to gain HUGE Dingtone credits within a short time. As long as users take some time to finish some offers, the credits will be earned in their Dingtone wallet. And the Dingtone credits are virtual money used on Dingtone for International calling and messaging.

In one word, Fyber offers are provided to Dingtone users to gain calling and texting fees.

How to Find the Fyber Offer Wall on Dingtone?

Step 1. Open Dingtone > Tap “More” > “Get Free Credits” and the Fyber offer wall will be seen at the upper part of the interface.

get free credits

Step 2. Tap “Complete an Offer” to win Fyber credits.

tapjoy offers

Step 3. Complete any offer to earn huge credits.

There are multiple offers provided and you are allowed to choose any of them to complete. Most offers are questionnaires, and some time should be taken to complete. Generally speaking, the more questions an offer contains and the more time it takes to complete, the more credits you’ll earn. And the highest credits can reach 100.

An Easy Tip to Double Your Fyber Credits!

Here’s an opportunity to double your Fyber credits. Whenever a holiday is around the corner, the credits you earn from Fyber offers have an opportunity to increase 200%.

For example, if you win 100 credits through completing a questionnaire, you’ll get 200 credits from that offer.

Fyber offers are usually provided by Dingtone to our dear Dingtone users. It’s a good idea to follow Dingtone on Twitter and Instagram and bookmark Dingtone Blog for the latest information on Fyber’s offer activities.

By the way, this weekend will provide you a Fyber sale from July 2 to July 5. It’s a precious moment to get 2X credits from Dingtone.

Apart from Fyber Offers, do You Know Other Ways to Earn Credits from Dingtone?

Dingtone provides numerous ways for its users to earn credits. Thanks to Dingtone credits, Dingtone users are able to dial anyone at any time and any place around the globe.

Dingtone credits can be earned in the following ways:

  • Daily Check-in (1-3 credits for each time and more credits can be expected if you do it continuously)
  • Watch Videos (0.5-5 credits for each video watching)
  • I’m Feeling Lucky (a random amount of credits)
  • Treasure Box (a random amount of credits)
  • Complete Profile (5 credits)
  • Invite Friends to Use Dingtone (each invitation brings 20 credits)
  • Play Games (up to 100 credits)
  • Complete an Offer (5-100 credits and 1.5X or 2X during events)
  • Offers and Surveys (calling minutes earning)
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