How to Bypass Blued Phone Verification Without Private Number

Are you tired of being forced to give your personal phone number to Blued just to verify your account? Do you want to protect your privacy while still enjoying the app’s features? Look no further, as we have got you covered with this guide on how to bypass Blued phone verification without a private number.

What is Blued and why does Blued ask for phone verification?

Blued is a social networking app specifically designed for the LGBTQ+ community. It allows users to connect with people who share similar interests, create and join events, and chat with other users. To ensure a safe and secure environment, Blued requires phone verification for new accounts.

How does Blued phone verification work?

Like majority of online services or platforms today, as you create a new account on Blued, the app requires you to provide a phone number as the unique identification while you’re using the service. To verify the number you provide is true and valid, a verification code will be sent to your phone as a text message. As you provide the code, the verification will be instantly finished and you’ll be smoothly use the service.

Why is it risky to pass phone verification on Blued with your private number?

While phone verification may seem harmless, giving your private phone number to a social networking app like Blued could put your privacy at risk. Once you link your phone number to your Blued account, it becomes accessible to the app’s servers. Furthermore, if Blued experiences a data breach, your private information, including your phone number, could be exposed to hackers.

How to complete phone verification on Blued with a second number?

One solution to bypassing Blued phone verification without a private number is by using a second phone number. There are several apps that offer virtual phone numbers for free, such as Dingtone. Dingtone numbers can be used for almost all online platforms calling for phone verifications. Here’s how you can use Dingtone to complete phone verification on Blued:

Step 1. Register for Blued by entering its website or app.

Step 2. Follow the necessary steps to phone verification.

Step 3. Enter your Dingtone number in the corresponding box and continue to call for a verification code to be sent to your Dingtone number.

Step 4. Open your Dingtone app and check the “Messages” tab at the bottom to get the verification code.

Then, you’ll be able to finish the phone verification with a Dingtone number.

How to get a second phone number on Dingtone?

You can get one or multiple phone numbers from Dingtone based on the following steps.

Step 1. Download Dingtone and install it on your device, iOS or Android.

Step 2. Create an account.

Step 3. Tap “Connect” – “Add a New Phone Number”. Select an area code and phone number.

Step 4. Pay for the number and you’ll be able to use it as your second number.

In summary, using your private phone number for Blued phone verification can put your privacy at risk. By using a second phone number from apps like Dingtone, you can complete phone verification on Blued without compromising your personal information. Remember to always prioritize your privacy and security when using social networking apps.

NOTE: In the event that you encounter difficulties with SMS verification using Dingtone numbers (mostly due to policy restrictions imposed by the registration platforms), we strongly recommend contacting our support team for prompt assistance. You can reach us by sending an email to

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