How to Get an Indian Number in the US

If you’re searching the keyword “get an Indian number in the US” in Google, then you really need it. If you’re reading this article now, then you’ll know what to do after finishing reading it. Here it goes.

Need to Call from the US to India?

No matter where an Indian number is to be used, it’s used for emergencies. In one word, an Indian number is quite necessary for those who need to talk frequently with Indian people, for family contact, or for business.

For Indians living and working in the US, the Indian phone number that has been registered will be possibly tossed because of the high international calling rates to call from the US to India. As calls are made from the US to India based on an Indian phone number, the overall cost covers roaming charges, international calling plans, other fees, etc. Therefore, an Indian number is needed in the US if you need to frequently make calls to those in India since you can enjoy unlimited calls at a low cost.

For anyone living and working in the US, if you need to contact with Indians for business issues at a fixed budget, an Indian number is also necessary. An Indian number with a local area code adds the reliability of your brand, letting others believe you and your products are trustable and would like to have deeper contact with you.

How to Get an Indian Number in the US

To get an Indian number in the US at a low cost for calls and texts, it’s optimal to buy a virtual Indian number from a number application. The advantages of a virtual Indian number app are:

  • Use multiple numbers on one device
  • Unlimited calls and texts within one plan
  • Low international calling rates
  • Valid for online registrations

To get an Indian number from a virtual number app, the following steps should be conformed to.

Step 1. Download and install a virtual number app on your smartphone like Dingtone.

Step 2. Buy an Indian number plan on it.

Step 3. Make calls or send text messages to Indians with the purchased Indian number.

A Bonus Solution: What You Really Need May Not be a Number but a Calling Plan.

It’s quite understandable to get an Indian number for unlimited calls and texts. Talking with Indians, family, or business partners, is important and necessary. However, what you really need may not be an Indian number but a calling plan supporting unlimited calls and texts.

A valid virtual number just works, actually.

A valid virtual number is owned as long as the following requirement is met:

  • Capable to call any number, landline, or mobile
  • Unlimited calls and texts to the world
  • Compatible with online registrations on most services or apps
  • Low cost and high quality

Luckily, Dingtone meets all the features mentioned above and is worth trying.

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