How to Register for Neteller Without a Phone Number

If you care about reliability and security as far as a payment system is concerned, Neteller must be on your list since it’s an online wallet used by millions of users around the world. However, a phone number is required whenever a new account is created. Unfortunately, as soon as your private number is linked to an online account, it’s risky for your personal information to be leaked. Therefore, registering for Neteller or other online platforms without a private number is selected as a way to balance convenience and security.

Nevertheless, on which platform can a reliable and valid phone number be purchased? That’s why this article is here.

Why Neteller requires a phone number when a new account is created?

Neteller is striving to build a secure and reliable payment platform so that a valid phone number is required when a new account is created. An account can never be validly created until SMS verification is smoothly passed. Not only Neteller but also almost all online services and platforms conform in a similar way. A phone number has been used as a unique identification for internet users around the world. That’s an easy way to build contact between online and offline.

Why don’t users want to register for Neteller without a private number?

Many users are concerned about privacy and don’t want to share their private phone numbers with Neteller. They may be worried about receiving unwanted marketing calls or messages, or they may not want their phone number to be associated with their Neteller account. Additionally, some users may not have access to a private phone number or may not want to use it for online transactions.

How to make a Neteller account without a phone number?

Fortunately, there are several ways to create a Neteller account without using your private phone number. One option is to use a second phone number, such as a temporary or disposable number.

To get a second phone number, you can use a virtual phone number app like Dingtone. It’s a free app that allows you to create a new phone number that you can use for online registrations, verification, and more.

Dingtone numbers can be used for almost all online platforms calling for phone verifications. Here’s a step-by-step guide below.

Step 1. Register for Neteller by entering its website or app.

Step 2. Follow the necessary steps to phone verification.

Step 3. Enter your Dingtone number in the corresponding box and continue to call for a verification code to be sent to your Dingtone number.

Step 4. Open your Dingtone app and check the “Messages” tab at the bottom to get the verification code.

Then, you’ll be able to finish the phone verification with a Dingtone number.

How to Get a Phone Number from Dingtone

You can get one or multiple phone numbers from Dingtone based on the following steps.

Step 1. Download Dingtone and install it on your device, iOS or Android.

Step 2. Create an account.

Step 3. Tap “Connect” – “Add a New Phone Number”. Select an area code and phone number.

Step 4. Pay for the number and you’ll be able to use it as your second number.

With your new Dingtone phone number, you can create a Neteller account without using your private number. This way, you can protect your privacy and enjoy the convenience of using Neteller for online transactions.

In summary, if you need to create an account on Neteller, it’s optimal to get a second number from an app like Dingtone. As such, you can both use the online payment features and protect online privacy.

NOTE: In the event that you encounter difficulties with SMS verification using Dingtone numbers (mostly due to policy restrictions imposed by the registration platforms), we strongly recommend contacting our support team for prompt assistance. You can reach us by sending an email to

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