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How to Send International or Domestic SMS Text Messages with Dingtone

Here goes the Dingtone slogan below:

Free Calls and Texts for Everyone

That’s exactly what Dingtone has been striving for. And Dingtone can be used to send SMS text messages, both domestic and international.

The video clip below demonstrates the specific steps to send SMS text messages on Dingtone.

Can I send SMS on iPad, iPods or tablets through Dingtone?

Of course!

You can send SMS through Dingtone since you get a real US number offered by Dingtone. Dingtone never has limitations on mobile devices. In other words, all functions are available on iPads, iPods, and tablets with operating systems of iOS and Android.

Based on a Dingtone phone number, you can send and receive SMS messages domestically and internationally.

Can I send SMS messages to a non-Dingtone user?


You are allowed to send messages from Dingtone to any number, either local or international. Because all Dingtone numbers are valid with real digits, they are able to send SMS messages to anyone, whether they use Dingtone or not.

Besides, there is a tip worth mentioning. If you invite your family or friends to use Dingtone, you’ll receive huge Dingtone credits that can be used for free calling and texting.

If you want to begin to send messages, tap the “Messages” at the route bar at the lower part of the interaction. Next, tap the “pencil-like” symbol and enter the message editing page. Then, add your contact telephone number by either straightforwardly choosing from the Dingtone contact list or filling in the contact’s telephone number.

How is a Dingtone message different from a regular SMS?

Carriers use the traditional messaging system to transmit SMS messages across cell phone networks. Regular SMS messages contain textual content only and are constrained to a fixed quantity of characters. Also, ordinary SMS messaging is costly on traditional carriers and a huge gap exists between text plans when it comes to domestic and international messaging services.

Compared with regular SMS, Dingtone messaging is real-time and interactive. At the same time, they can deliver multimedia messages like voice, video, images, emojis or even a location. What’s more, it doesn’t end here. While messaging, you’ll recognize as your contact is typing so that smooth communications occur between you and your contacts.

What is the difference between Dingtone group SMS and broadcast SMS?

Dingtone offers two types of SMS message delivery: group SMS and broadcast messages.

In the case of Group SMS, a chat group should be established first. When you send a message in this chat group, everyone in the group will see it and discuss based on it. It’s more like a dialogue within a certain range.

Broadcast SMS, on the other hand, allows you to send an SMS to a large number of people at once, and they can only respond to you. It may be used to convey the same message to a group of individuals without having to send it to each one individually. You send a message to a group, and others respond individually.

How much does it cost to send and receive SMS with Dingtone?

Message sending is charged at varied rates depending on the country. To check the specific rates for SMS sending, you can tap: “More” >> “Settings” >> “Call Settings” >> “Calling Rates”.

Additionally, when you get hold of messages on Dingtone, you need to pay a small quantity of Dingtone credits to get hold of the SMS. However, the quantity of Dingtone credits required to receive SMS is frequently lower than that required to send SMS.

Can I receive SMS from non-Dingtone users?

If you have a Dingtone phone number, you may receive SMS from your pals via this number, whether or not they use Dingtone. If you don’t have a Dingtone phone number, however, you can only send and not receive SMS.

If I don’t want to receive SMS from someone, can I block them on Dingtone?

It’s reasonable that you’d wish to restrict SMS from certain individuals or organizations, such as salespeople. Users of Dingtone can ban calls and texts from a certain person.

You can prevent someone from sending you SMS by tapping the following in order: “More” >> “Settings” >> “Call Settings” >> “Set up Call Block”.

You can choose to ban messages from anonymous callers, callers on your contact list, or from specific phone numbers.

Can I send SMS text messages for free from Dingtone?

Dingtone allows you to send texts for free.

Unlimited calls and texts are totally free of charge between Dingtone users. So, share with your friends and family about Dingtone!

Due to the presence of Dingtone credits, you do not need to charge landline or cell phone numbers when you contact them. To make calls and send messages, Dingtone credits are utilized as virtual money. Users are able to earn them by performing tasks, playing games, and taking part in activities on the Dingtone app or social media. The Dingtone credits earned will be saved in the user’s account and used for calling and messaging.

What content type can I send in messages from Dingtone?

Dingtone allows you to transmit MMS with gifs, images, videos, voice, and even location, in addition to text-only SMS.

When your friend receives your link, they can click it and download Dingtone while they are accessible to the Internet or cellular data. Because this lets both parties save money and data usage when sending and receiving MMS.

As you tap the “Messages” >> “Pencil-like” icon, you’ll reach the message editing page. Two types of Dingtone messages are available for you to choose from, either Free or SMS. After you choose either type of SMS message, you should enter your phone number or contact name to determine your contact target. As you enter the message page, you can transmit text, photos, voice, videos, location, doodle, or contact information of others. Additionally, your SMS can be recalled within 5 minutes after you send it.

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