How to Send and Receive International SMS on Dingtone

Though there are various instant messaging apps around, SMS messages are still popular because you can send SMS messages to anyone as long as he or she has a mobile phone. The recipients don’t need to get the same app as yours to receive your message. Even better, you can text your friends via SMS even if they don’t have a good Wi-Fi or data connection.

However, if you are a heavy SMS messenger, you know the stress of breaking the text message limit and paying huge for international SMS.

Are you looking for an App that will help you to send international SMS at dirt cheap cost or even free?

Luckily, with Dingtone international SMS service, you can forget about the monthly plan and enjoy free SMS worldwide.

  • Send free SMS to any mobile device in more than 200 countries.
  • Send bulk SMS messages at ease
  • The recipients don’t need to download the App or have a network
  • Send free SMS from anywhere in the world via a data connection or WIFI.
  • Unlimited text plan at dirt cheap cost

Stay connected with anyone via international SMS

Text anyone as you like, even your grandma who has a non-smartphone

No need to get the same app for both sides

Get in touch with your friends who don’t have a WiFi or data network

Enjoy unlimited international SMS at super low price

Send international SMS at local cost

Get a unlimited international SMS plan at little cost

Earn free credits to send unlimited free SMS

How to enjoy unlimited free SMS?

You can send SMS for free by earning lots of free Dingtone credits. Every day, you can earn free Dingtone credits by opening the app and clicking on the “Daily Check-in” button. You can earn even more credits when you watch a video or play a game. Very soon you will be on your way to send unlimited SMS for free.

Can I send international SMS on iPads, iPods, and tablets?

Of course! If you installed Dingtone free texting app and have a Dingtone phone number then you can send and receive SMS on iPads, iPods and tablets. If you don’t have a Dingtone number then you can only send SMS from iPad, iPod and tablet but cannot receive SMS.

Don’t want to receive SMS from someone? Block them!

If you don’t want to receive SMS from somebody then you only need to tap on the “Edit Pen” on the upper right corner of the Messages screen, then find the person you want to block in your contacts, tap to enter the chat screen, then tap on the menu on the upper right corner and select “Block the Caller”.

Send international MMS with pictures, videos at the same cost of a text-only SMS

Not only can you send a text-only SMS with Dingtone, but you can also send MMS with pictures, videos, location, voice message, etc.

Dingtone international MMS will be sent as a link and the cost is the same as sending a text-only SMS.

When your friend receives your link, they can choose to download when they are on WiFi. This allows both parties to save costs and data usage when sending and receiving MMSs.

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