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Come and Join Dingtone Wealth Partner Program

☞ ☞How Does Dingtone Wealth Partner Program Work?


Dingtone Wealth Partner Program is a beneficial project for all the three parts that are involved, that is, Dingtone, the wealth partners and potential users. In the program, Dingtone offers credits, the partners purchase with a preferential price and then sell them to those who are in need of low cost calling and texting.

Online payment through Paypal is not popular yet in many regions of your country, so these users will be a huge potential market for you to explore and expand your business.

☞ ☞Why Choose to Be one of Dingtone Wealth Partners? 


• High Rewards: usually over USD$300 (= SR1125) per month

• Official Certification & Social Account Promotion: Once you become a Dingtone wealth partner, you will be officially certified and listed on Dingtone’s official website. We will also help promote your social account (e.g., FB, Youtube, TikTok).

Interested? Click Dingtone Wealth Partner Program and join us!

For more detailed information, please feel free to contact us.

Dingtone ID: 30994053

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