Dingtone Credit Annual Event

Can’t-Miss Tips for Dingtone Credit Event: How to Quickly Collect 8 Animal Cards to Share 100,000,000 Credits

Do you remember the Dingtone animal card collecting activity? Here it comes again!

All Dingtoners are allowed to share credits by collecting animal cards on Dingtone, up to 100,000,000 credits in all!

Strive to earn more than 100 Dingtone credits before the New Year and enjoy the last month in 2020!

Dingtone Credit Annual Event

Animal Cards Collecting Guide

Step#1: Download Dingtone App and Open it.

Step#2: Click the “Messages” button and you can see the entry of “Share 100,000,000 Credits”. Go into it.

animal card collecting event 2

Reminder: If you have already get Dingtone on your device, you are suggested to upgrade your Dingtone app to the latest version if you fail to find the card collecting entry.

Step#3: Click the “Spin” button at the center of the wheel of fortune to collect animal cards.

animal card collecting event 1

Step#4: As you’ve collected 8 different animal cards, you can “Merge Cards” to share real credits in your Dingtone account.

Can’t-Miss: How to Collect Animal Cards in Short Time

Win More Spin Chances

Generally, you have only 1 spin chance each day. However, the more spin chances you have, the more quickly you’ll be able to collect animal cards.

You can add chances by completing the following tasks:

  • Watch Videos
  • Invite Friends to Participate
  • Send Spare Animal Cards to Dingtone Friends
  • Ask Animal Cards from Dingtone Friends
  • Turn on Event Notifications
Complete Tasks to Win More Spin Chances
Complete Tasks to Win More Spin Chances

A Shortcut to Win an Elephant Card

The elephant card can only be obtained by inviting a friend to join the activity. As soon as your friend becomes a Dingtone user, you’ll instantly get an elephant card. Each user can have only 1 elephant card.

invite a friend to win elephant card

Always Keep an Eye on Dingtone

Animal cards will be randomly assigned by Dingtone and you’ll be very lucky if you get one without any efforts.

Follow Dingtone on Twitter and Instagram and bookmark Dingtone Blog to get the latest “shortcut” to the huge Dingtone credits.

Multiple Ways to Win Dingtone Credits

Apart from the animal collecting event, there are multiple ways to win Dingtone credits on the app. A Dingtone user won 1000 Dingtone credits in just one day, so will you if you are active enough.

Low or Random Credits
  • Daily Check-in (1-3 credits for each time and more credits can be expected if you do it continuously)
  • Watch Videos (0.5-5 credits for each video watching)
  • I’m Feeling Lucky (a random amount of credits)
  • Treasure Box (a random amount of credits)
  • Complete Profile (5 credits)
High Credits
  • Invite Friends to Use Dingtone (each invitation brings 20 credits)
  • Play Games (up to 100 credits)
Huge Credits
  • Complete an Offer (5-100 credits and 1.5X or 2X during events)
  • Offers and Surveys (calling minutes earning)

One golden rule: Spend as much time on Dingtone and it’s totally worth it.

What Can You Do with Dingtone Credits?

Dingtone credits allow you to make phone calls and text to anyone in any place around the world. Dingtone provides Free Calling+Text services for the world. Users can get credits by completing simple tasks like Daily Check-in, Watching Videos, Playing Games, Inviting Friends to Use Dingtone, etc.

Your earned credits will be VALID forever in your Dingtone account unless you use them. Each month, double or 1.5X credits activity is obtainable to give you more opportunities to gain more credits.

Dingtone Credit System

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