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Only 20 Days to Go, 5 Quick Tips to Push You to Achieve Your 2020 New Year Resolutions

Do you remember your new year’s resolutions for 2020? Have you gotten them achieved? It’s totally understandable if you fail to keep your new year’s resolutions of 2020 because the COVID-19 has been stopping everything from smoothly running.

Unable to have indoor parties, have to work at home, or even get between jobs, we can never have a worse year than 2020.

It’s truly difficult to achieve 2020 new year resolutions but there are still easy tips for you to achieve them within the left 20 days.

Tip#1. Check Your New Year Resolutions Again.

People change all the time. It’s necessary to check the new year resolutions you made at the beginning of 2020 to see whether they are your real goals and whether they are important to you.

After such a tough year during which lots of unexpected things are seen, we’ll possibly have different opinions about some issues.

I’ve had little contact with my parents since I moved out of my parents’ home. Sometimes they call me on big days of mine, such as my birthday. Most of the time, we didn’t call each other. However, since the COVID-19 occurred to the globe, we have been so worried about each other that we nearly called every day during a special time when COVID-19 was the most serious.

Perhaps you set one of your new year resolutions as “increase my orders” or “make more money” but it might be a good time to reset your new year resolution to spend more time with your family and say “I love you” to mum and dad every day.

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Tip#2. Focus on Your New Year Resolutions.

Although there are only some days left before 2021, if you want to achieve your new year’s resolutions, you should learn to focus on them within the left days.

Focus leads to high efficiency.

As you 100% focus on your new year goals and determine to achieve them, new methods and ideas will be constantly generated at a high speed. It sounds surprising but it’s quite true. Therefore, if you want to strive to achieve your new year resolutions, you should set them as your all goals within the left days.

If you want to lose weight, just set a goal and move towards it. Exercise, dieting, fasting, yoga, any method is worth trying and one method will finally work. If you want to read books, just pick up some and start to read them at this second.

Tip#3. Find Smarter Ways to Achieve Your New Year Resolutions.

All roads lead to Rome. All ways lead to your goals.

Nothing should stop you from achieving your new year goals. However, if you haven’t achieved them, then find smarter ways.

Many people set one of their new year resolutions as “grow potential customers” but the traditional ways fail to make it. Then it’s time to find smarter ways.

Have you tried calling your potential customers about your new products or services, but you receive few replies or orders? If that is true, you are suggested to change another method towards that. Maybe you can try using a second phone number especially for your work and to register for your social media account. People in 2020 spend more time at home and on social media will be known by more people on the Internet.

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Tip#4. Start Your New Year Resolutions with Small Steps.

Rome is not built in one day.

Your new year resolutions may not be achieved within just one new year if it wasn’t realistically set. If you have difficulty in finishing one pie, then cut it into pieces. That also works when it comes to new year resolution achievement.

If one of your new year’s resolutions is to learn English well, it’s a little difficult to define the word “well”. To achieve such a goal, it’ll be easier to cut the task into small pieces. Vocabulary, grammar, reading, listening, and communicating all contribute to the task of learning English well. For you, it’s a good idea to make progress in each aspect and then combine them together.

Tip#5. Don’t Wait Until Last Minute! Do It, Now!

If you’ve finished reading this article to this part, I’ll appreciate your patience, but I still want to yell at you “Do it, now!”

If you still believe the new year resolutions made at the beginning of 2020 are important to you and they haven’t been achieved, then go for them right now!

Never regret your loss unless you’ve tried all your best. Time and tide wait for no new year resolutions if you strive with no efforts.

The last word, even if you still fail to achieve your new year goals by the end of 2020, with the efforts mentioned above, keep doing that in 2021 because that will have you to have a good beginning of another new year.

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