Provide a Number, Free Get a Number – Dingtone Number Giveaway to New Users

Feeling pressed for monthly call bills? Here comes a chance to change all that!

You’re possible to get a FREE number from Dingtone NOW!

For New Dingtoners – Provide a Number, Win a Number

From May 19 to May 20, comment your answer under the pinned post on Dingtone Twitter with an answer to a number puzzle and your Dingtone ID and the FIRST 20 correct answerers will be able to FREE get a Dingtone number (1-month premium, unlimited calls and messaging to anyone).

Note: Winners are for new Dingtoners ONLY!

The specific guide is introduced below.

Step 1. Download, and install Dingtone on your device (iOS or Android), and create an account on it.

Step 2. Follow Dingtone on Twitter and go to the pinned post about the giveaway number puzzle.

Step 3. Comment your answer plus your new Dingtone ID.

Step 4. Free get a number from Dingtone (Only the first 20 correct answerers will win).

Become a New User and Win a Number Now

For Old Dingtoners – Also Allowed to Get a Number for Free

Although old Dingtone users fail to free get a number through the above social media method, there are still tricks.

Trick#1. Let more friends know about Dingtone to earn huge credits.

Dingtoners have always been crazy about credits!

One essential function of Dingtone credits is for purchasing a number (as long as enough credits are earned). Dingtone credits can be used as cash to pay for a number on the application. Among all the methods to earn credits, inviting a friend to use Dingtone tops the list because it’s the easiest to earn as many as 20 credits whenever a new user has been successfully invited. Do you know, that some numbers cost only 60 credits? That means you can directly get a number after inviting 3 friends to use Dingtone. What a bargain!

  • Invite your parent to use Dingtone – both of you will be allowed to call and message without any charge.
  • Invite your girlfriend/boyfriend to use Dingtone – both of you will minimize the calling rates with no extra cost.
  • Invite your business partner to use Dingtone – both of you will reduce the cost of communications across boundaries.

Trick#2. Create another Dingtone account to be a newbie.

Old Dingtone users are also allowed to take part in the number giveaway campaign once they become newbies again. You can create another Dingtone account to become a new Dingtone user so that you’ll be able to get a chance to win 1 of 20 numbers.

How Can a Dingtone Number Help?

Everyone needs an extra number but not everyone knows.

A Dingtone number helps people in the world in multiple ways:

  • Reduce calling rates and messaging costs across boundaries.
  • Support non-stoppable high-quality communications without being influenced by environmental limits.
  • Protect your private phone number from being leaked to temporary situations like online shopping, delivery, etc.
  • Balance your work and life with one number
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