Don’t Miss Any Chance to Earn Dingtone Credits in 2021-Top 10 Blog Posts on Dingtone Blog in 2020

The top 10 blog posts on Dingtone indicate the most popular topics among Dingtone users. The hot posts mainly talk about ways to earn Dingtone credits and Dingtone features and functions. Check those posts to see whether Dingtone has been best used by you.

#10 Blog Post: Fruit Planting Game to Earn Dingtone Credits

Fruit planting game is one of the most popular games to earn credits in 2020. It gives Dingtone users an easy and fun way to get credits.

(fruit planting image)

Apart from that, the knife hit game is also popular among Dingtone fans, listing Number 11 on the blog post list. It allows users to win up to 100 Dingtone credits for pro gamers.


#9 Blog Post: Dingtone Cat-Dingtoners’ Shining Star

Dingtone cat is undoubtedly a shining star for all Dingtone users. Adopt a cat on Dingtone and feed her, then you’ll earn Dingtone credits. Importantly, Dingtone cat has been a friend of many Dingtone users, which is even more important than Dingtone credits.

adopt your dingtone cat win free credits

#8 Blog Post: Get a Free Second Phone Number from Dingtone

The need for a second phone number keeps uprising in recent years since it can help you keep a balance between life and job. Dingtone users are allowed to get one, two or multiple-second phone numbers for free. Moreover, the numbers can be used to register for accounts on social media platforms.

how to get a free phone number

#7 Blog Post: Some Hidden Dingtone Features

Dingtone is more than a tool used to call and text. It can be also used as a walkie-talkie, to recall messages, to hide your caller ID, etc. You may not know the features, but they are surely useful to your life.

Some Hidden Features You Should Know About Dingtone

#6 Blog Post: Call without Revealing Your Personal Phone Number or Caller ID on Dingtone

Apart from providing useful calling and texting functions to users, Dingtone strives to protect users’ privacy, which is why the feature can be expected to call without revealing your personal phone number or caller ID on Dingtone.

no caller id

#5 Blog Post: A Guide to Sign Up WhatsApp with Dingtone Number

This blog post tells you how to register for WhatsApp with a Dingtone number. Registering for an account on WhatsApp with a second phone number is beneficial to grow potential customers. Besides WhatsApp, a Dingtone second phone number can be also used to register for Instagram, WeChat, etc.

how to register whatsapp with dingtone number

#4 Blog Post: Tapjoy and Fyber Win You a Chance to Quickly Earn Huge Credits

Tapjoy and Fyber are special offers given to Dingtone users to earn huge credits by completing special tasks. The credits can be doubled or 1.5 times during some holidays.

dingtone fyber&tapjoy

#3 Blog Post: Based on a True Story, Earn 1000 Dingtone Credits in One Day

This is a sharing post from an experienced Dingtone user who won 1000 Dingtone credits in just one day. This blog post is worth being highly recommended to all Dingtone users.

Dingtone Credit Annual Event

#2 Blog Post: Everything You Should Know about Dingtone Credit System

This blog post is best for Dingtone beginners who need to know as much how Dingtone works and what Dingtone credits are used for as possible. Current Dingtone users are also suggested to read it since a brief summary of credit-earning is listed from high to low. It teaches you how to earn big Dingtone credits by consuming a small-time.

Dingtone Credit System

#1 Blog Post: Dingtone Credit Event to Invite You to Share 100,000,000 Credits

Animal card collecting event is one of the biggest events allowing Dingtone users to earn a big amount of Dingtone credits. As soon as 8 animal cards are collected, some amount of Dingtone credits will be earned. Sometimes, some animal cards are sent for free on Dingtone social media.

animal card collecting event 1
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