Dingtone Recommended by App Of The Day, Aims to Provide More Phone Numbers

Dingtone, as one of the pioneers of VOIP service providers, has served over 30 million users in the past six years, with an average of 200+ million calls each year. It features itself as a free phone call app that provides phone numbers in up to 17 countries, cheap even free international calls & texts to 200+ countries and regions. Recently, it was recommended by App of the day, one of the leading top software sites, to its millions of users.

When given two paths, one being easy, one being hard, we choose the hard one knowing that it will be the most exciting and will cause the biggest impact in life. Dingtone sticks to this in work as well.

With the recommendation of App of the day, Dingtone will be exposed more widely and get more feedback, good or bad. We are ready to confront any feedback so as to constantly improve the product and serve our worldwide users better.

“Providing users high-quality calling & SMS services at very lower rates or even for free has been the biggest challenge for our Dingtone team, but we’ve made it completely possible after years of hard work. And we are proud to announce that Dingtone will continue to offer more phone numbers for users to choose from, to offer more cool features allowing users not only to call and text, but also to share feelings and ideas!” said a senior spokesperson from Dingtone.

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