Some Hidden Features You Should Know About Dingtone

Some Hidden Dingtone Features You May not Know Existed

You are familiar with Dingtone free phone calls and free text messaging feature, but do you know Dingtone can be used to do other things? Actually, Dingtone has a rich set of interesting features that you may not know existed, let’s have a check.

dingtone bonus

Send gift credits
Dingtone is great to connect with friends and family when you cannot see each other that often. With the sweet “gift credits” feature, you can do more than a surprise call. Not sure about the birthday gift? Why not send the birthday boy/girl some Dingtone credits. After all, who doesn’t love free credits?

Call history
If you are curious about how many calls you made and how much data your calls actually take up last month, there is an easy way of finding out. Go to more->setting->usage, here you can check total minutes you called this month. Heavy-talker or not? Who is the one you talk most frequently with? Tap on the “call records” to bring up detailed call history and you can see whom you called the most times.


Walkie talkie
Tired of text messages? Let’s get more fun. Dingtone turns your phone directly into a mobile walkie talkie. You just need to press a button to record a voice message and it will be instantly sent to the recipient. Within seconds, the recipient will send back the reply. Hearing someone’s voice is always more pleasant than reading texts.


Recall messages
Do you ever send message to the wrong person? For example, you would like to share your new pet with your best friend Jenny, but simply send the picture to your boss whose name is also Jenny. A slip of hand can lead to a lot of troubles. Now at least you can do something to make up – simply recall the messages!

Read alert
It is good to know whether your message has been read or not after hitting the “send” button. This feature of free text messaging app Dingtone is especially useful when you have something important to announce and want to make sure everyone has got it. Want to change the family dinner time? You can send a group message and know immediately they read the message instead of calling them one by one.

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