alternatives for kik when it shuts down

The Most Viable Alternative to Kik Messenger Shuts Down

The instant messaging powerhouse Kik Messenger is all set to shut down, leaving millions of users in shock. The search has already started to identify the best alternative to fill the void left behind by Kik Messenger.

September 29, 2019
Millions of instant messenger users around the world have just come to know that their favorite app Kik Messenger would soon shut down. It has been heard from different sources that the team will now focus its business around its cryptocurrency named Kin. It is also understood that several legal issues and lawsuits have played a role in accelerating the company’s dissolution process.

While the users can still officially use Kik Messenger, there is no denying the fact that its days are now counted. Therefore, millions of users of this insanely popular instant messenger service have started their search for an equally functional alternative. Though there are hundreds of instant messenger apps in the market, three of them are apparently the favorites to replace Kik Messenger.

Telegram: With numerous popular features such as cross-device syncing, secret chats, auto night mode and much more, Telegram is expected to be one of the frontrunners in the market as Kik Messenger departs.

Messenger: Features such as polls, group chats, video and voice calling, desktop, mobile and web apps, photo and video stories has already made messenger one of the most popular instant messengers. Though its association with Facebook is concern for some users, it still has the potential to fill the void left by the outgoing Kik Messenger.

Dingtone: A relatively lesser known name compared to Telegram and Messenger, Dingtone has the features to put all other IMs to shame. With a user base of 30 million, it offers several useful features such as secure group chat, sharing of pictures, video, locations, and more, online piracy protection, cross-platform compatibility, and much more.

In addition to these features, Dingtone also offers supports functionalities such as fax, conference call, call recording, walkie talkie, and unlimited free international calls as well as texts to any mobile or landline phone number in over 200 countries. However, the most killer feature of Dingtone is its offline usage functionality that allows users to keep in touch easily even when they have no WiFi or cellular data, or their phone is not around. It also offers a new phone number to each user, without a SIM card.

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About Dingtone: Dingtone is a calling and texting app that allows users to make unlimited free phone calls, send free text messages, and instantly share pictures, videos, and your location with friends, family members and other Dingtone users. The app also provides a free second phone number for calling, texting, and picture messaging in everyday situations.

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