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COVID-19: You Might Be Self-Isolated But Love and Care Shouldn’t Be

Whether accept it or not, self-isolation is the best solution to minimize the possibility of getting infected by COVID-19 during a special time. As advised by doctors, we should stay at home except for situations including shopping for basic necessities, medical needs or providing care, or traveling to or from work if you can’t work from home, etc.

Although stuck at home, our love and care for our loved ones and friends should not be isolated due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Constant communication between family and friends become more important than ever. Here is how Dingtone can help no matter where you are with its low-cost phone calls and text messages.

COVID-19: Self-isolate at Home, But Love and Concern Can’t be

Love and Concern Wait for No Man. Call Them Now!

Where are you? What are you doing now? No matter what your reply will be, it’s our sincere hope that everything is going well with you.

Recently, @Bob E. Hayes, a friend of mine on Twitter got in touch with me asking if I have some cute or fun cat pictures. He did this for his 96-year-old mom tested positive for COVID-19 and her nursing home was put under quarantine right now. Since his mom loves cats a lot, he decided to collect some cat pictures to cheer her up.

To implement self-isolation at home aims to minimize your possible contact with the virus. However, our love and concern to loved ones can’t be minimized. Not usually, especially not right now. On the contrary, it’s the right time to call and tell them how much you love them and how much you miss them.

Misfortune always comes at unexpected times of our lives. If it does occur, give him/her a call letting them know you’re always there for them.

You Can Call Internationally from Anywhere with Dingtone

Dingtone allows you to call your loved ones no matter where they are around the world. Dingtone now has an inventory of millions of phone numbers from 17 countries. No matter which one you choose, you can call and text anyone anywhere. Before you dial, simply select a country or region, then you are all good to go.

Dingtone Country Code List

No Need to Pay, It’s Truly Free

Using VoIP (Voice of Internet Protocol) technology, Dingtone can provide much cheaper calling services than traditional phone calls. If you would like to invest a little time, your phone calls and texts can be totally free. You can check-in, watch videos, play games and many more to earn credits, which then can be used for free calling and texting.

No need to roll up sleeves for a fight to earn Dingtone credits. You can win them anywhere and anytime, waiting for a bus or metro, lining up, staying in a bathroom, or even just killing some time. All fragmented time can be turned into your free calling minutes and texts.

When you have accumulated enough credits, you can use them to buy a phone number as a second line without the SIM card needed. This second phone number can be used as a work number to separate your private life from working life. In addition, you can also use to sign up for many social media apps including WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Tinder,Google, Amazon, Paypal (100% works with US phone numbers).

Humans can’t live without love or caring that is especially important in this special time. If you are going through quarantine, don’t forget to call your loved ones telling them how much you love them and how much you want to stay with them.

End? Not yet!

To help all our dear users around the world to keep in touch with their loved ones and overcome the difficulty together, Dingtone will soon launch an activity sending out free credits. We believe, as long as we are all in one heart, the day that we can freely talk with each other, laugh together and hug each other will be soon to come. Stay tuned!

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