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Can’t Send Messages? Simple Steps to Fix It.

As a provider with free calling and texting services, Dingtone has been striving to provide the best service to users around the world. However, failing to send or receive messages may be caused by different reasons. We list some possible reasons below which may help you fix your Dingtone functions.

Possible Cause#1

International texting is only limited to some countries when it comes to some Dingtone number plans, which should be clarified before using it. Your plan possibly only supports International texting to some limited countries.


Check the countries your Dingtone plan supports before sending messages. International texting is supported by selected countries only.

Possible Cause#2

You can’t send text messages, perhaps because you have sent over the limit of 500 messages on that day.


We have a limit of sending messages every day. The maximum you can send is 500. If you have already sent 500 messages, please wait for the next day.

Possible Cause#3:

Some areas may have policy restrictions stopping users from banning messaging service from Dingtone or other similar service providers.


The failure to receive SMS messages from Chinese users is mainly due to the operators. Due to policy restrictions on the local phone carriers, the text that you sent to regions such as the Mainland of China might not be successfully delivered.

You are suggested to retrieve your credits by providing a specific time when you sent the message and the target number. Once confirmed, your credits will be sent back to your Dingtone account.

Possible Cause#4

We have a blocking function for sending messages containing illegal words. The reason why the other party cannot receive them maybe because of this. The user’s SMS interface will display the prompts which are triggered when 3 messages are sent from a jump number and 5 messages containing sensitive words are sent from a non-jump number on the same day.


Ensure the SMS that you send is complied with the local operator’s regulations and restrictions, otherwise, the SMS may be filtered. If the problem persists, you can contact us through in-app feedback or report an issue.

Possible Cause#5

If you can’t receive messages from Wells Fargo Bank, it’s probably because the bank has a new system for reviewing text messages and Bandwidth no longer supports receiving messages from that bank. Due to Wells Fargo’s new vetting process for the delivery of sensitive financial information, the phone carrier no longer supports receiving any SMS from Wells Fargo.

Possible Cause#6

The message received is not the phone number from which the message was sent, which may be because the message cannot be sent directly to the other party’s number and it is sent by through other numbers. This happens occasionally. International SMS is only supported by certain countries right now. Due to the technical restrictions of local carriers, the unsupported SMS will be transferred to a third carrier to ensure that the messages are delivered. In this case, your friend will receive messages from a number that is not yours.


International messages are supported for selected countries only. Sometimes messages are not supported to be sent to the number you want, so it will be transferred to the third carrier to ensure your messages can be reached. In this case, your friend will receive messages from another number. And if your friend sends the message to the received number, you will receive the message from him/her. You could kindly try it. We are still working on the messages to be more global.

Possible Cause#7

Some U.S. users came back to report that their free text messages suddenly didn’t work, possibly because the users had turned off the ads themselves.


Free texts are only available for US users currently. When you send texts to a US number or a Canadian number or receive texts from them via your US Dingtone phone number, the first 30 texts are free for each day. Due to the update of Dingtone’s message service, currently, MMS is available for users, which means the non-user receivers can directly see the picture instead of receiving a Link. Thus, we adjust the rate as a normal MMS. We will make the appropriate modifications to the app as soon as possible.

If you have turned off the ads, please kindly follow the steps below to open Ads:

Open a chat of PSTN message, then click the right top icon of the chat. You will see a green icon in the right column: “Hide Ads” or “Open Ads”.

  • If it shows “Hide Ads”, then do not click the icon, just keep it.
  • If it shows “Open Ads”, open it, please. So, remember to keep add showing will help you get 30 free texts a day.
  • If you hide ads by mistake, then the enable the “Open Ads” icon will be shown one week later.

Possible Cause#8

Some monthly numbers such as the UK and Canada numbers do not support receiving activation code text messages. Some websites and Apps like WhatsApp will check whether the phone number belongs to your device. That means WhatsApp only accepts a phone number from the SIM card in your device.


The number will be able to receive the activation code when paid annually. Please make sure your Dingtone phone number is paid for annual use. We do not support sending an access code to a phone number that is paid monthly. If you got the number for free, you would need to lock the number for a year.

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