Dingtone Launches “Free Credits, Free Connection” Campaign to Connect People during Social Distancing

As the Coronavirus pandemic tightens its grip globally, Dingtone calling and texting app has just launched its “Free Credits, Free Connection” campaign for people all over the world to remain connected through free phone calls and text messages.


The outbreak of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) has been confirmed in around 210 countries or territories until April 16. The virus has already infected 2,083,236 people worldwide, and the number of deaths had totaled 134,610. Almost all affected countries around the world are in an unprecedented lockdown phase. In order to slow down or stop the spread of infections, millions of people have started practicing social distancing by reducing their rate of contact with other people or the public unless absolutely necessary.

While COVID-19 has had an increasingly profound impact on nearly every aspect of life, human connectivity has suffered significantly. In the present scenario, it is of utmost importance to ensure that people have critical connections with family, loved ones, and emergency service providers. Dingtone, a popular calling and texting app, has come forward to help the cause with its ‘Free Credits, Free Connection’ campaign.

“We’re all living in uncertain times right now and Dingtone understands the impact this has had, and will continue to have in the near future,” said a senior spokesperson from Dingtone. “The ability to be in touch with home, friends, and family members stuck in remote locations across the globe is more important now than ever before. Through our ‘Free Credits, Free Connection’ campaign, we want to help our customers have this flexibility without worrying about costs during the economic strain the world is facing.”

The “Free Credits, Free Connection” offer from Dingtone allows users to stay connected with free credits. Simply put, instead of spending money on calls or texts, Dingtone users can make use of credits to make phone calls and send text messages to recipients in all corners of the globe, totally for free. Free credits can be earned easily by completing simple tasks such as daily check in, watching videos, playing games, completing offers, inviting friends and much more in the app. What’s more, Dingtone has an inventory of millions of local phone numbers from 17 countries, and users can add multiple numbers in one phone to separate work from life, or to sign up for social apps including WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, etc.

“The situation may be terrible right now, but we hope for people throughout the world to stay safe and strongly believe that all of us around the world can overcome this crisis together. Dingtone will always be with you.” the spokesperson added.

How to Earn Free Calling Minutes?

Step#1: To enroll for Dingtone’s “Free Credits, Free Connection” campaign, please visit http://snsfreenumbers.com/shr7/FCd/pswv/ and you’ll visit the following page.

free credits

Step#2: Tap the “Go” buttton and copy your Dingtone Code.

copy dingtone code

Step#3: Tap “Go” button to open your Dingtone App on your phone. (Download now if you haven’t installed)

Step#4: Tap “More” at the lower right corner of Dingtone Interface and choose “Dingtone Code” option on the list.

dingtone code tap

Step#5: Confirm your Dingtone code and finish redeeming free credits.

redeem credits

For more information about the details about this campaign, please follow Dingtone on Twitter and you can know more methods to get free credits from Dingtone.

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About Dingtone

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