How to get a personalized phone number

How to Get a Personalized Phone Number?

Nowadays, we get almost everything customized: custom-tailor clothes, personalized parties, and even individualized phones. However, there is one thing that we are missing in the highly personalized life, which is a personised number.

How to get a personalized phone number

What do you do when you meet a person for the first time? You shake hands, introduce yourselves, and chances are you exchange phone numbers. A catchy phone number such as 1-202-214-Mary will surely leave a deeper impression than merely a string of meaningless numbers. If you are a sales representative, an easy-to-remember number will be a huge plus. Even for personal use, a phone number with special meaning will add more color. After all, we don’t change phone number every week. It is never too troublesome to get a desired number since we will keep it for years.

However, it is not easy to get a personalized phone number. Mobile carriers won’t let you choose your own digits. Even they do, usually only the last four digits are at your choice; and you will be lucky enough to find all 7 of your choice. Instead of spending hours talking the customer service representative into finding you a great number, there is an easy and fast alternative to get your customized phone number.

Dingtone, the largest OTT provider, allows you to select your own vanity number at dirt cheap cost. What’s better, you can port your Dingtone number out to other carriers such as AT&T, Verizon, Sprint and T-Mobile as you like.

Dingtone is a free call and text app devoted to make communication easier. Users make phone calls, send text messages, share multi-media, leave live voicemails, setup conference calls and send faxes to anyone, anywhere in the world for free or at very low rates. What makes Dingtone stand out is its ability to give users full freedom to choose their own digits. With millions of Dingtone numbers to choose from, you will surely find the one for you.

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