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Important Lessons Learnt from Previous Online Relationships, Better Embrace Your Next Relationship during the Valentine’s Day in 2024

What traps have you suffered from your previous online dating relationships?

What online dating embarrassment do you want to permanently remove from your brain most?

You should learn to face up with them if you really want to avoid them.

Top Risks of Online Dating

Different from relationships in the offline world, online dating features higher flexibility, a higher possibility to be ghosted or heartbroken and its top risks will be summarized below.

Possible Targets of Sex Offenders

Apparently, not all online dating users expect to find true love but to do something “evil”. They might call for a one-night relationship or even perfect victims of ravishing. For those without such knowledge, they may become targets of sex offenders.

Scammers Everywhere

Believe it or not, 10% of online dating users use fake profiles. Almost all online dating services provide free plans so that everyone is allowed to establish an account and no restrictions are set for anyone, including scammers that either target sex, money, or both. Unfortunately, no scammers will wear scammer hats so being careful is a constant solution. Whenever budget permits, a premium plan is always suggested.

Identity Theft and Abuse

As is aforementioned, some scammers target your identity that may have been early taken for granted even by yourself (most believe so as they say they aren’t Mark Zuckerberg). If your identity sketch has been held by scammers from online dating websites or applications, you’ll probably suffer from identity theft or abuse so that your online accounts may get hacked and money stolen.

Must-Learn Tips to Better Embrace Online Dating

In spite of all the risks that may occur to you while online dating, it doesn’t mean that online dating should be escaped. Online dating is still worth trying as long as the following tips are conformed to.

Never expect to find your Mr./Miss Right through a couple of swipes.

If you meet a perfect guy during online dating and he strongly expresses his love towards you, don’t believe that too instantly. It’s suggested to wait and observe before making any conclusion. It’s possible he’s the guy you’ve been looking for but it’s just possible. Many scammers use fake profiles and images to hook up ideal targets. Once they’ve got what they want, they’ll ghost.

Never use your private phone number for online dating accounts.

Your private phone number combines too much of your personal information and all its combination will easily contribute to your identity sketch. Based on your private phone number, information like your name, address, bank account number, family status can be tracked. Therefore, it’s a smart idea to use a second number to register for online dating accounts.

This Valentine’s Day, Feb. 11- Feb. 14, you’ll possibly have a second number for FREE from Dingtone. That’s a valid number that is capable of receiving verification codes from online dating services.

Never rush to meet your online date in the offline world.

Online dating top tip: protect yourself from any possible risk.

To physically protect yourself, you’d better stay away from a face-to-face meeting with the online date. Meeting in the actual environment can never be done unless 100% security can be guaranteed and even slight doubt should stop you from that.

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