Top 5 Tools Helping to Efficiently Increase Side Hustle Income

It is reported that one in three Americans works a side hustle. It even becomes a way of life for many people, which is especially common after the pandemic. Basically, a side hustle helps people to make extra money apart from the 9-to-5 job income. Especially during the epidemic, the side hustle is a dependable means for numerous people to make some money off this during a period of considerable uncertainty.

When correctly managed, a side hustle may be a distinct, and successful business that becomes a true secondary income rather than simply a few extra dollars. So, if your financial growth is always capped, keep reading. There are the top 5 tools to help you get your side hustle moving further ahead.

Internet – Make the Best Use of It

The Internet changes the world more than any other invention in the new century because it connects all the world together with one click.

When it comes to the function of the Internet on side hustles, the Internet is one of the most crucial tools, which is, unfortunately, always ignored. It has been greatly useful not only to find a new side hustle but also to save time and solve difficulties in the process. For example, if you are fluent in another language, you can sign up for services like Translate or Bunny Studio to translate papers or look for translation positions on Indeed or other employment forums. All this work can be finished from home. Also, many second jobs are done via the Internet, such as teaching a language online, selling on an e-commerce store, or running online ads for business. This is fantastic, especially if you’re a digital nomad trying to earn more money than the local employment market can offer. In addition, you can earn money online by writing. Grant writing and copywriting for advertising or branding firms, generally without a byline, are also lucrative opportunities.

Another merit of the Internet lies in the fact that It’s quite powerful and completely free of charge. Furthermore, its convenience is clear to all. Just connect to the internet and search, you can find plenty of solid answers and advice. In addition, it is compatible with multiple devices, including phones, tablets, and computers. So you would not have extra payment for a side hustle. It is vital especially when you are just starting your business. All in all, from finding the direction to getting one step further, this free and powerful tool is helpful across the career.

Second Phone Number – A Must-Use Tool for Those That Really Call for High Income

Have you ever experienced an embarrassing moment when your boss or colleagues found out about your side business just through your private phone number that is well kept on the contact list? Especially when one’s side business is in the same field as one’s main business, the embarrassment only doubles. Therefore, a second number is necessary.

Make it a practice to turn on call forwarding when you still are at the workplace of your main business. During the 9-to-5 work time, reset your voicemail on your second phone number for a side hustle with a specific as well as a professional message informing your consumers that they’ll be replied to in the available time. You can even set up text message auto-replies! This implies that when you get a text, your second number will respond promptly with pre-programmed information. At the same time, it streamlines communications with clients and makes you look professional. Being professional is an essential way to lead customers to trust you and your products or services.

Another advantage of using a second phone number is to protect your privacy. Most side hustles are short-term work, such as Uber drivers or couriers. Take Uber drivers as an example. It would be awkward and unsafe to let the other party know their private numbers for temporary rideshare.

To avoid the situations above, using a second phone number is a wise move for side hustlers.

Time Management Tool – Maximize Your Efficiency

Time is equivalent for everyone. Doing a side hustle for extra income calls for added time for work and reduced time for rest. To balance two jobs and life, it’s necessary to know how to smartly manage your time so that every spare minute and hour will be spent wisely and efficiently. Therefore, it is crucial to use a time management tool.

To smartly manage time, a time-tracking tool is essential. It is suggested that you make good use of it, including bullet journal, calendar, Tomato Time Management, and even Excel. By thinking about how you’ve spent your time in the past, you can reflect on your progress. Check your plans against what you really accomplished, how long certain chores took you, how much “deep work” you were able to do, and what routines worked best for your personal attention. Applying these insights will make your workflows far more intelligent and effective.

Use a Different Bank Card

Simplifying expense tracking is the main role of using a different bank card. It is a wise money move to keep your corporate expenses separated from your personal ones. Even if you’re only making a few dollars more, the law compels you to record any income from freelancing or supplementary employment on your taxes. Furthermore, if your side employment is through an employer and you make $600 or more from them that year, they are obligated to provide you a tax form.

For example, if you work as a rideshare driver as the second job, it makes it easier to record your profits when all of your business-related costs, such as gas or oil changes, are in one location. There’s no need to sift through old bills to distinguish your company spending from your personal ones if you charge them all on a different card.

Moreover, a secondary account allows you to keep track of your progress in that area. In another word, this will help you to know the revenue of your side business.

Social Media Networks – Smartly Market Your Side Profession

Whatever type of side hustle you develop, you’ll almost certainly require a social media presence. Social media allows you to keep in contact with your target audience or customer base. It could be used to advertise special deals or to make announcements, such as what beautiful fresh fruit will be in your veggie boxes this week. You can also utilize social media to promote your brand. For example, you may share charming images or anecdotes from your family farm. You might even start selling your own courses or attend live lectures. Believe it or not, the cost of investment is low or even free, but the rewards of managing social media networks will be beyond your expectation.

In order to make your side business more efficient as well as professionally, you can use a second number to register a separate social media account to differentiate it from your own private social media account, so that you can promote your product to targeted clients. By the way, you can avoid the embarrassment of selling in front of acquaintances who are also not your target customers.


The best part about all of the tools described above is that they are all FREE or at a low cost, or at least have a free version! You don’t have to spend a lot of money to receive essential knowledge to help your side hustle succeed!

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