Stop being Upset by Facebook’s Bad Performance Due to Weight of Traffic? Use Dingtone Instead

Due to coronavirus pandemic, the total messaging in the countries hit hard has increased up to 50% and voice and video calling have more than doubled. People’s need for real-time communication keeps rocketing.

However, as one of the leading social network services and communication tools in the world, Facebook has been struggling under the weight of traffic since people around the world hurry to keep in touch with family or friends to make sure their loved ones are fine and to tell them that everything is going well during this special time. The sudden traffic rush brings forward bad performance of real-time communication on Facebook, low sound quality, interruption and deadly delays.

Use Dingtone to Make Unlimited Free Calls and Text to Loved Ones

Dingtone is a communication App allowing users to make phone calls to anyone that is at any place around the world. Moreover, it’s totally FREE!

Due to the following advantages, Dingtone has been downloaded and used by millions of users from over 200 countries in the world.

  • Free Calling and Texting

Users can make unlimited calls and texts on Dingtone with credits that can be earned through simple tasks that will be introduced below.

  • Multiple Ways to Earn Credits

Users can win Dingtone credits through multiple methods, including daily check-in, video watching, inviting friends and game playing. Both enjoyable and entertaining.

  • Provide Real US Number

As users make a call on Dingtone, a real US number will be shown on the device screen of calling targets instead of random characters or numbers. Moreover, this number can be temporarily kept by the caller for a couple of months as a second phone number.

  • Call Internationally to Any Device

Users are allowed to make calls to anywhere. Up to now, Dingtone supports calling to over 200 countries around the world. Calls can reach cell phones, traditional phones and even tablets.

  • More Functions Besides Call and Text

Apart from call and text, Dingtone can be also used for walkie talkie, conference video and faxing.

Stop being upset by bad performance on Facebook! Download Dingtone to enjoy a FREE call now!

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