Mid-Winter Weekend Offer – 3X Your Credits

Here comes Dingtone Mid-Winter Offer this weekend, that is, 3X your credits.

What is Fyber Offer on Dingtone?

Dingtone credits are always the main drive for Dingtone users because they can be used for calls and texts, which is also why Dingtone is used for free calls and texts. Everyone needs to talk, and everyone needs Dingtone.

The Fyber offer provided on Dingtone enables users to double their credits during a certain time. Basic principle, the more activities you take part in, the more credits you’ll win.

Mid-Winter Weekend Offer is Around the Corner.

This weekend, January 19 to 21, 2023, will see an offer on Dingtone, to 3X your credits by completing Fyber activities. This is the first offer this year on Dingtone. Don’t miss it!

Here’s a guide below:

Step 1. Open the Dingtone app and click the “Connect” tab below.

Step 2. Enter the “Get Free Credits”.

Step 3. Click the “Complete an Offer” button to magnify your Dingtone credits.


Other Tips to Earn Dingtone Credits

Apart from the Fyber offer, there are still other tips to earn credits on Dingtone.

Dingtone credit systems

Daily Check-in: The Easiest Way to Get Dingtone Credits

Daily check-in provides Dingtone users 1 to 3 credits each time.

Check in 7 days in a row and you’ll win a star. The 7-day check-in can earn you 7 free credits. Star users can enjoy more benefits. The more stars you’ve won, the more credits you will win.

Therefore, remember to check Dingtone every day, which is the easiest way to get Dingtone credits.

I’m Feeling Lucky: A Way to Earn a Random Amount of Credits

Every Dingtone user has one chance every day to earn a random amount of credits by tapping “I’m Feeling Lucky”. The random amount of credits start from 0.5. So, one chance a day keeps credits inward.

Watch Videos: An Entertaining Way to Earn Dingtone Credits

Watching videos is an entertaining way to earn Dingtone credits. It takes some time but it’s entertaining. An average of 10 seconds is needed to watch a video clip. It’s a good idea to earn video-watching credits when you must have some time to kill. There are limited chances to earn credits through video watching every day, but you can wait until another round of videos come.

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