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How to Spend Holidays Alone with Fun

What are you going to do for your Christmas holidays in 2020?

Well, it’s a tough question right now. The pandemic COVID-19 teaches us nothing but a tip to remember, that is, stay home, stay safe. So ironic, right?

A Christmas holiday should not be what it looks like today. It should be spent with family or friends together or through traveling, round trip, or hometown visits. Unfortunately, all of them can be hardly expected in 2020 and most of us have to spend the Christmas holidays alone at home. What a holiday!

Nevertheless, for the sake of the family’s health, we have to accept the truth, to spend Christmas holidays alone at home. However, we still need to spend the Christmas holidays with fun, even at home, even alone. Time still goes, after all.

Accept the Fact

It’s been a fact that the Christmas holidays will be different in 2020. No matter how much grief you hold in your mind, you should accept the difference because nothing can be changed. It’s better to feel it than to shove it back down.

So, it’s time to refresh yourself from now on. Be active to face the coming Christmas holidays even though you must spend it by yourself. There are always methods to make your holidays fun with pleasure. That’s the point.

Stop complaining all the time! You won’t change anything as you keep sitting there in grief. There’s a lot of fun waiting to be dug out if you put your heart to it. Why not look at the issue from the other side of the coin? Maybe the traditional holiday spending ways stop us from creativity or happiness you’ve never had.


Tell Your Family Your Situation and Decision

Your parents may be busy with the coming holidays when you return home to visit them. But you have to tell them you can’t spend the most important holiday in a year with them. It’s hurt for them.

First, you should let them know how much you miss them and how much you want to go home for the holidays but you can’t. It’s better to send them text than to make a direct call. Your family should be calmed down first because they really love you. Then, explain the detailed reasons for stopping you from spending your holidays with them.

Remember, don’t hide your feelings.

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Make a Holiday List for Your Own

Although it’s a pity for you to spend your Christmas holidays alone in 2020, it’s the equivalent time to spend it in your own way and stay with yourself.

It’s a good idea to make a list of your holidays. There must be something you have no time to do but been expecting for a long time. Write them all down and they will fill your lonely Christmas holidays with super fun.

Maybe you can read a book that’s been attracting you for a long time but you always have little time for it. Maybe you can watch a TV show but you always have little time for it. Maybe you’ve been interested in drawing but you always have little time for it. Then do it during the holidays you’ll spend alone. All the above can be on the list of your Christmas holiday spending schedule.

Take out a pen now and prepare for your holidays.

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Express Your Wishes

Even though you have to spend your holidays alone in 2020, it doesn’t mean you have no contact with your family or friends during the holidays. You’re isolated with your family but your wishes and love can’t be. Social distancing stops you from having parties with your friends but your wishes and love can’t be.

Call them with your sincere wishes and tell them how much you love and miss them. Send your Christmas wishes to them on social media. Or video call them to have a virtual visit with each other. Send funny spending Christmas holidays alone memes to your friends that will put on your shoes since they possibly spend their Christmas holidays alone just like you.

Or you can record a fun gratitude video as your Christmas wishes and share it on social media or send it to anyone you love. If you have a pet, your gratitude video will be much funnier.

Spend Some Time with Yourself

Spending your holidays alone is the exact time for you to be yourself. All the time belongs to nobody but YOU. Isn’t that cool?

As you stay with others, you can hardly be yourself. However, the holiday you must spend alone gives you such an opportunity to be the real YOU. You can do anything you like.

You can cook your favorite food, stream your favorite series, watch your favorite movies, read your favorite books, listen to your favorite music, play little games to win money, wear anything you feel comfortable at home, etc. No one will judge you because you are alone to spend your holidays.

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